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Effective Immediately Specialty Top Company Is No Longer In Business.  Most All of Our Inventory Has Been Depleted . We Can No Longer Accept Orders For STC Tops At This Time. As soon As We Have More Info On The Situation We Will Post It Here.


Please do not submit Orders For STC Top Products Until Further Notice.

Please Note that we are NOT Specialty Top Company - If you had tops on order direct from Specialty Top Company or another distributor, we can not resolve your Non Delivery issues.  Please contact your supplier directly.

We are Leaving these pages intact for archival purpose at this time.





F.A.Q Has been updated on care of your new soft top.
Checkout The New Haartz Approved Cleaner and Protectant for Vinyl Soft Tops



The following F.A.Q. excerpts came from questions and answers regarding KAYLINE products and will also apply to STC products with certain color and product exceptions.  

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Q. What is the best way to care for my new top?

A. Your new soft top should be cleaned with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid. For long life we suggest the use of a protectant. Our Fabric is manufactured by Haartz and the testing lab at Haartz has endorsed a product called Raggtopp.  Raggtopp makes both a Vinyl Cleaner and A Vinyl Protectant to protect from the harmful UV from the sun.  The SUN is the worst enemy of your new Soft Top. Long exposure to UV causes polymers  in the window plastic to break down and turn cloudy or yellowing early. A UV protectant will extend the life of your new soft top. You can purchase RaggTopp at http://www.BUYRaggtopp.Com   NEVER EVER run your new soft top through an automatic car wash! It will scratch your windows and some chemicals can case irreversible  damage to the vinyl.

Q. What is the best way to care for my plastic windows?

A.  Again, Treatment with Raggtopp Protectant will extend the life of the plastic windows. UV is the worst enemy!  Clean with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water using a soft terry cloth. Rinse often, DO NOT apply a great amount of pressure while cleaning. Clean left to right or right to left, do not clean in a swirling pattern. Any grit or sand may scratch the plastic glass while cleaning.  When clean , use a CLEAN soft terry towel to dry the surface then apply Raggtopp Protectant to further protect the vinyl window.  For  better cleaning on older windows, Turner 4WD recommends a product that is made by Chrysler, Mopar Jeep Soft Window Cleaner, This product is available at http://www.TheJeep.Com

Q. What about WINTER Weather and BEACH Weather and my Soft Glass?

A. The Soft windows in your top WILL Break like regular glass when frozen. If the temperature is at or near freezing, DO NOT attempt to roll-up  or even HIT against the soft window. There is NO WARRANTY on cracked windows. You have been warned!

Always use due care with roll up windows. Any grit or sand will scratch the plastic during movement of the vehicle.  Our recommendation is to place a clean towel or news print against the plastic window, roll the window with the towel or newsprint inside the roll. This will keep the surfaces of the window from touching and scratching as it  bounces with vehicle movement.  Please DO NOT go on vacation to the beach and leave your windows rolled up unprotected for a week! When you roll them back down, you will not be able to see through them. The blowing sand and rubbing action of the vehicle moving is like taking a sheet of sand paper to your windows.


Q. I have a 1992-1996 Ford Full Size Bronco and my Hard Top and body is just like the 1980-1991 models, Why does your catalog list a top for 1980-1991 Ford Broncos and not the 1992-1996 Ford Broncos ?

A.  You are right the body and hard top is the same,  Except for a couple of things. All 1992 and after Bronco's had Hard Top Mounted 3rd. Brake lamps mandated by Federal DOT regulations and hard top mounted rear shoulder belts. The STC soft top does not have any provisions for installing or relocating the 3rd. brake light or rear seat shoulder belts  therefore the top can not be advertised for sale on 1992-1996 models. The 1980-1991 STC soft top will fit these vehicles but can only be advertised  for sale in non DOT markets for 1992-1996.


Q. What is the difference between the -01 Black Vinyl and the -14 Black Denim and which one is best or last longer?

A.  The basic material is the exact same. Weight and longevity is the same. The only difference is the top coating of the material. The black vinyl is a shinny or slick type surface while the black denim is a denimized vinyl but appearance makes it look more like a canvas type material.  The black denim has more of a fine grain impression to the final top layer while the vinyl has a grain it is much larger and appearance makes it look a little more like leather with more of a luster.  Over all the black vinyl is somewhat easier to clean than the denim due to the grain of the final finish. More or less the choice is a personal choice between the two. If you want more luster, go with vinyl -01. If you want stock on later years with a duller more canvas look then black denim -14 is for you.

Black Vinyl was used as a stock color on Jeep® vehicles until the early 80's when black denim was introduced. Black vinyl was never used STOCK on the Wrangler, although many prefer to replace the black denim with black vinyl.

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Q. I am trying to install my top but it seems to come up very short and I am having a hard time either snapping it or getting the retainer in the channel ?

A. Always install a new top by allowing the top material to get as warm as possible before installation. This can be accomplished by installing the top in a heated garage or by allowing the top to sit in direct sun until the material is heated and pliable.  This will allow the material to stretch as much as possible during initial installation.

Allow a  NEW top to "SET" by not removing or folding down the top for the 1st. week or so after initial installation.  After this initial set period you will find your new top "forms" to your vehicle and will be easy to remove and reinstall or fold down and up again.

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Q. I am trying to install my new top with all new hardware and the top is not tight after installation and sags and flaps in the wind ?


A. This is generally a failure to follow the instructions and take proper measurements.  * The MOST CRITICAL measurement is the distance from the top of the windshield frame to the rear tail gate.   If this measurement is "OFF" it will necessitate that the windshield frame be adjusted to allow for the proper measurement. How do I do this? The windshield over the years can and usually does tend to tilt inward due to many reasons ( Bad Cowl Weather Strip, Constant pressure from the tension of the old soft top, etc.)  The Frame can be adjusted by loosening the two large knobs on the dash of the Jeep. Once Loose you can push the frame back into position and retighten the adjusters. If the adjusters will not keep it in place, you may need to replace the cowl gasket  and or add shimming under the frame to move it back into position.

Another common problem is failure to place the BOW brackets in the proper location.  Be sure to place according to directions and measurements. The Bow brackets have as much affect on proper fit as the windshield adjustment.

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Q. How much time will it take to install a new Full Soft Top with all new hardware on my Jeep CJ  ?

A. The amount of time depends on your personal ability. A full soft top kit is best installed with a helper. The helper can lend a hand in holding, stretching, sorting hardware etc. Typically a new installation can take from between 3.5 to 6 hours depending on your mechanical ability and your vehicle's condition.  In most cases only simple standard hand tools are required. Some tops kits require a drill and the usual assortment of wrenches, sockets and screw drivers.  NEVER set a time schedule to install a new top. Dedicate a DAY to the project, you will always be assured of plenty of time and less stress when your installation is not rubbing against the wife's/husband's schedule.  #1 - ALWAYS FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - STEP BY STEP - If you cut a corner or skip a step , You may just be adding time to your installation. 

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Q.  Which is easier to install, The Snap Style Top or the Fast Trac Series Top ?

A. By far the Fast Track Belt rail type top is easier and less time consuming to install.

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Q.  I want to get a special color or special ordered feature, how long does it take ?

A. The average manufacturing cycle runs between 2 and 3 weeks with additional time required during the peak season.  Non-Stocking colors are CUT one top at a time Vs cutting several per cut of a stocking color. This special cut goes on a different line than standard colors and requires some additional time. You can rest assured the top is being custom manufactured for You.  You must also allow for shipping/delivery time after manufacture.

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Q.  What do I have to remove after installing the STC Soft top on my 1979 Bronco to put the hard top back on ?

A. You will need to remove the top retainer aluminum that the top snaps to. This channel is mounted into the same area that the hard top bolts.  The holes are covered by the hard top after reinstalling. The only exposed snaps are those mounted in the tailgate.

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This F.A.Q. is provided as a service from Turner 4WD Parts Company derived from frequently asked questions over the last few years in regards to STC products. This information is provided for reference only and does not necessarily represent the view of the manufacturer.

© 1997 Turner 4WD Parts Company, Inc. Reproduction or distribution strictly prohibited with out permission.

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