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The 5 Digit Code for Single Button Jeep Remotes



  The five digit code for the Jeep single button remote transmitter is required to code the transmitter to match the receiver in a vehicle. The five digit code will always be printed on a piece of paper and never contains a 9 in the first five digits. If the customer has the original jeep remote transmitter, the code is located inside the clamshell case. The case can be opened by inserting a dime in the ring corner and then pry open similar to opening an oyster. Once the case is opened, the printed circuit board has to be removed completely in order to read the code. Typically customers will read the number 16019 D etched on the printed circuit board as the code. This code is not valid for two reasons: first it contains a 9 in the first five digits and second it is not written on a slip of paper. When obtaining a code, leading 0’s are important since they are part of the code. For example, some codes are followed by a sixth digit that is typically a different type set. In this case a code of 05534 6 is 05534 not 55346! In the event that the customer has lost their transmitter, the code may have been written in their owners manual.

 1988-1989 Models

If the code has not been recorded in the owners manual it can be retrieved from the receiver. The code in receivers is also written on a piece of paper. On year models 1988 and 1989 the receiver has a rectangular cover and is located over the rear view mirror. The Jeep receiver can be removed by gripping the left and right sides of the lens and pulling the lens out. Once the lens is removed the receiver can be pulled out. The code is typically written on a white sticker on the case of the receiver. After the code is obtained, insert the receiver back into its original position then replace the lens.

1990-Mid 1992

 Receivers in Jeep 1990 vehicles through mid-year 1992 are typically in overhead consoles. To obtain codes from these Jeep receivers, a Phillips screw is removed from the console above the rear view mirror. The console is lowered then two Phillips screws are removed from the receiver. After the two screws are removed from the receiver, the code can be obtained from the white paper sticker. One typical bad code obtained from overhead consoles is 52019 B, this number is printed on the circuit board by the wire harness. If this number has been reported instruct the customer to remove the receiver from the console to read the other side where the code is located. (Note that this number, 52019 contains a 9 within the 5 digits automatically indicating a bad code.)

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There are three known incorrect codes that occur frequently. These codes do not contain 9’s in the first five digits so always check a reported code against the following codes. The single most common bad code is 44137. The other two bad codes are 15848 from the newer style receiver board and 15128 from the old style receiver board. Since these do not contain a 9 they can represent a valid code but they have never produced a good code.

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