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Changing The Battery In Piland Units



  Piland Transmitters use TWO (2) CR2016 Batteries, Available from most Battery Stores and Electronic Retailers.

To Open the Piland Unit, Place it Button(s) Down and use a small bladed screw driver, butter knife or pin knife. Place the blade between back half of the case and the outer edge as shown in the picture below.

Gently Pry The Case Around the edges until it snaps open as shown below.

 The Batteries are shown below the white plastic protector on the left side of the photo above.  Remove the protector to expose the batteries.

Remove the batteries from under the retaining clips carefully. Please note the battery orientation as you remove them. One battery is + Positive Up and the other is Positive Down.  Replace the batteries with the same orientation.  Replace the plastic Protector/Insulator making sure the clip pins of the batteries are exposed as these make contact with the circuit board when re-assembled.  Re-Assemble the Case and snap the two sections together and squeeze the case closed. 


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