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The Wait is Over!     Safetrunk for the TJ is Now InstaTrunk XL

The long awaited arrival of the most sought after storage accessory for your Jeep® Wrangler TJ 1997-2002 is over. InstaTrunk Introduces the InstaTrunkXL - Maximum Storage for your Stuff!

The InstaTrunkXL features easy No-Drill Secure Storage. For your TJ. Pop your rear factory seat out and pop in the InstaTrunkXL. The InstaTrunkXL locks down with Secure Pins to your original seat mounting anchors with Just Two Pins! Only two additional bolts fully secure the rear to factory pre-drilled holes.(No Holes to Drill)      


Access to the InstaTrunkXL can only be made by opening your lockable rear tailgate door. InstaTrunkXL is secured in rear by the body lip. Just Slip the trunk under the lip and drop down and push in two Pins, two bolts! Installed! - How easy can it get.. Remove two pins, two bolts  and pop out trunk!  Just imagine what the large storage area can hold! 

No more having to run home after your stop at the mall to unload your non-secured purchases before the next stop! Store them inside the InstaTrunkXL


InstaTrunkXL's New Sliding Top Lid allows for many possibilities.

  • Can Remove Completely for Hauling tall or bulky items.

  • Can Slide part-way open to provide a nice picnicking table.

  • Can slide part-way open for access to your "Stuff" behind your other "stuff" without having to remove ALL your "stuff"

Wait.... There is more....!!

How about a nice - Easy to Reach Lock Box for your smaller items..... Pitch in your cell phone, pagers and more!  Secure Key Lockable from the front of the InstaTrunkXL


And.... There is more....!!

For the Real Off Road Storage Solution - The (Optional) Tubular Storage Rack and Lid Fits Nicely On The InstaTrunkXL 

Click For Larger View

Click For Larger View
Optional Tubular Steel Cage and Lid Ships Separately  for the Serious Off Road User

The Only Place to Store those Expensive Golf Clubs!

Out of Sight Out Of Mind - With The InstaTrunkXL!

What More could you ask for?
  • Easy No Drill Fast In And Out Installation
  • Made of Tough Reinforced Material that is easy to lift and install by one person.. Unlike Heavy Steel Boxes.
  • The Maximum Storage Solution for your "stuff" with approximately 12.5 Cubic feet of space in the base.
  • Extra Lockable Storage in Front For Small Items (Optional)
  • Easy Storage in Basement/Garage - Does not take up much space even with full cage kit. Occupies 45" X 20" floor space for storage when not in use.
  • Form Fits TO Vehicle
  • Unique Snap-On extrusion makes the trunk Water Resistant
  • Lid Rated for 300 Pounds of static load. Durable and will not sag.
  • Optional Tubular Steel Off Road Rack with Lockable Lid



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