Product Data Sheet

V 0.1 October 7, 1997
Innovations 97

Series 3000

Installation Instructions


Thank you for purchasing the Original Mirror Relocation System. This product has been engineered to give you years of trouble free enjoyment. From the hard anodized finish on our black brackets to the stainless steel hardware, it will last through years of the elements.

Parts List for Series 3000, Full Set

  1. Remove the doors from the Jeep (Consult your owners manual for directions).
  2. Once the doors have been removed, remove the stock mirror from the bracket which is on the door, using an 11/16" socket. Be careful when you remove the nut because there is a spring, shelf washer and flat washer under it. Make note of the order in which they are removed.
  3. You may now install your new brackets on the top door hinge using the hardware supplied and tighten the bolt. (See Drawing below)
  4. Now install the mirror you removed from the door. Install in the reverse manner in which removed and tighten nut. Do not over tighten this nut, it is spring loaded and does not require a lot of torque.


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