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Protect Your Soft Top Investment

Time And Sun Damage From UV Is The Major Cause Of Early Failure Of Your Soft Top's Plastic Window Glass. Early Yellowing Is Your First Sign Of Trouble To Come. Now Treat  And Protect Your Soft Top With These Great Products.

Keep Your Soft Top and Plastic Windows
in TOP Shape with these great products!

Works on:
Jeep Tops, Bronco Tops, Toyota Tops, Blazer Tops, Scout Tops, Suzuki Tops, Amigo Tops. Also great for Tonneau covers and other exposed vinyl products.

Jeep® Soft Glass Cleaner by Mopar

RaggTopp Protectant

Original Equipment Jeep® Soft Glass Cleaner

  • Prevention Of UV Caused Slow-Fade With Regular Use.
  • " Sunscreen for Your Top"
  • First and Only Vinyl Protectant to Use Ciba Tinuvin Ultraviolet (UV) Blocking Absorbers This is Highly important as the single most degrading factor in You Jeep® or SUV Soft Top is the degradation from the sun's harmful rays.  UV breaks down fibers in threads and weakens vinyl.  RAGGTOPP contains percentages more of UV protection than any competition protection  product.  
  •  RAGGTOPP Repels the Growth of Mildew, Dust, Grease & Dirt


  • Jeep® Soft Glass Cleaner - Protects and Shines While Providing UV Protection to Prevent Yellowing
  • Tested and Endorsed by HAARTZ - The World's Leading Manufacturer of Convertible Top Materials. Materials used by  leading Soft Top Makers, Bestop and STC Tops.
  • Easy Applied, Just Shake Bottle well, Clean Windows with Mild Dishwashing Liquid and Warm Water using a Soft Cloth
  • Spray On - Wipe Dry.
  • Stops UV fade of Fabric and Window Glass. No Other Product Like it in the World. 
  • Apply a small amount of cleaner with a clean dry cloth, spread evenly over the plastic surface, then apply light pressure for rubbing out small scratches.
  • Great For Keeping Fabric Threads from damage and fraying from UV caused break down. 
  • 16 Fl. Oz. Spray Bottle
  • 8 Fl. Oz. Bottle
Part # RTP- 01141  $14.50   Part# JSGC-1   Price: 9.95*
Buy Both Together as a Kit and Save a Buck Part# RTP-JSGC   23.45        

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Check out the RaggTopp Cleaner for Vinyl Soft Tops Too   Visit BuyRaggTopp.Com  

Soft Top Care Hints From TheJeep.Com:
  • Always Use Only Mild Dishwashing  Liquid and warm water to clean soft glass windows and top. Never USE any spray window cleaners or abrasives. Always use a CLEAN soft terry cloth for washing and drying plastic glass. Anything else will leave fine scratches in your glass. Even most paper towels can cause scratching.
  • Never go through Automatic or Self Serve Spray Washes or use a Brush on your top. High pressure and excessive water temperatures can damage windows and tear seams! 


  • When Storing or "Rolling-Up" window glass ALWAYS place newspaper or a Beach Towel against the glass 1st. and gently roll the plastic glass so that the glass NEVER touches itself.  This will prevent un-seen grit and dirt particles from rubbing the glass and scratching.  Ever rolled your windows up and driven on the beach for a few hours, then roll your windows down to find you can no longer see out of them? When the window glass is touching itself with sand and grit on the surface, it acts just like sand paper on your windows!
  • Never try to roll-up windows or even loosen them while frozen in the Winter - They will shatter like REAL glass!
  • We recommend Raggtopp Protectant treatment of your top and windows every 30 days if you normally park your vehicle outside. 

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